Modern Centers in exciting locations

Vinston English is an ESL training company operating out of Changsha, Kunming and Xingsha, China. Currently, the company directly runs a total of eleven English language training centers, with nine in our home city of Changsha and two brand new centers in beautiful center of Yunnan province, Kunming city. Boasting the latest in educational technology and spacious classroom layouts, Vinston schools provide language students with the very best educational facilities, along with a professional yet fun learning environment. Our students leave their stresses of city-life at the door and enter a classroom which creates efficient and enjoyable learning experiences.

Quality classes and courses

Vinston provides classes to students of all ages and levels, with courses spanning from the basics of introductory English to more specialized courses and private classes, aimed at catering to unique fields such as travel and medical English, upon request. Our foreign teachers plan and teach a variety of class types and levels with our own in-house courses and supplementary materials. All teachers have access to any and all resources, both in physical materials or online, ensuring that we maintain only the highest standard of academic quality.

Passionate, independent teaching

Teachers are encouraged to embrace their own creative signature style of teaching, with musical instruments, crafts, games and even cooking forming part of "just another week at school". Vinston celebrates the unique cultural flavor that each team member brings to our ever growing diverse academic team. We strive to constantly find ways to link our teachers' passions with what is happening inside and outside the classroom walls. Trips to the grocery store, pottery classes, outings, themed parties, dress-up days and live-streamed speech competitions are just a few of the ways we try and make learning English as fun and engaging as possible. In our adult centers, students often attend outings to escape rooms, karaoke, wine tasting events, and meal gatherings at different restaurants around the city.