Your BCom degree is a perfect qualification to go into ESL teaching in China

If you have recently completed a BCom degree and are on the job hunt or want to experience a bit of the world before embarking on a professional career, why not take up a teaching position in China?

Here are some reasons why Teaching English in China is a great opportunity for someone having just graduated with a BCom degree:

• English schools in China are businesses in the industry of education - and they are fast growing businesses; in 2015, the ESL market brought in $261bn in revenue and this is expected to grow $461bn in 2020.
• They have customers whose needs they must service - you get to learn about customer needs and how to retain customers in a market saturated with similar businesses, vying for the attention of China’s native population.
• There is big competition in the industry and businesses must be creative in the market place, to differentiate their services and build a trustworthy brand, especially in light of occasional unregistered schools, or scams.
• Their market offering is somewhere between a service and a product - so you get experience with both as well as ways to package each.
• English schools have various staff departments (sales, service, academics, etc.) which all need coordination and managers.

English schools are fast growing businesses which provide rapid career development for dedicated people. For Example:
• When you start in the company you will know very little about English teaching, but you will learn very quickly.
• After six months, you will be training new people who are joining the company, and within a year you could be in a senior role.
• You will liaise between academic, service, and sales departments to achieve company goals.
• You will lead projects to grow and improve the company.
• New schools are opening every year, so there are opportunities to manage your own school/business within two years.

That is very fast career development, and upward trajectory which means great career experience to put on your CV to fast track your career on your return back to South Africa.

However, it is very important to choose a strong, stable and ethical company to join. Vinston is one such company, with a pristine reputation in the Chinese ESL market, since the opening of its first language centre, in 2011. We have since been very successful, opening additional schools. There are now nine schools in operation, with our latest opening in Kunming just last month. These schools service about 500 students.

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